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Why Cant I Get Pregnant?

If you feel that you have been trying to conceive for a long time with no success, or you are at all worried about why cant I get pregnant...it is not time to despair. So much help is available for getting pregnant and the majority of it doesn't involve a visit to the Ankoor fertility Clinic.


Fertility is a women's natural right. Our bodies have been designed to foster the growth of a child and our maternal instincts come from a deep place within. It is ironic almost; we go through the first 10 – 20 years of our most fertile years trying not to conceive. It can come as a rude shock when it doesn't happen straight away, once you make the decision to start trying to conceive. Once you begin trying to conceive, the rollercoaster ride almost certainly begins. For some women it can be a time of intense emotion. It is unfair that we need to ride the hormone rollercoaster each and every month, but once the desire to have children comes into play, this is only exacerbated.

The middle of the monthly cycle brings with it ovulation. Add the strong desire to conceive and you suddenly have to cope with more than ever before. Swollen and sore ovaries coupled with intense anticipation; the pressure of timed intercourse and the stress of a two week wait for pregnancy test results. The week leading up to menstruation used to be a time for crankiness and mood swings, now there is another set of emotions to add to the mix...anticipation, fear and hope to name but a few. Sometimes this is followed up with some wonderful news, but more often than not it isn't.


When you are trying to conceive it is important to keep things into perspective. For instance, many women are not aware that they have only a 20% chance of conception in any month of trying. That is only a one in five chance for a healthy fertile couple. Knowing this should relieve at least some of the pressure to perform. Make sure your expectations are realistic before you doubt your body's ability and question why can't I get pregnant. Having said that; there is a right time to seek help if you feel that something might be amiss.

If you have suffered from serial miscarriages, or have been trying to conceive for longer than one year, then you or your partner (or possibly both) may be suffering from reduced fertility. If this is the case, view this as a beginning, not an end. Once the problem is recognized there are so many options for getting pregnant naturally and achieving a healthy full term pregnancy. Modern medicine and a holistic approach to the situation make infertility a word of the past.